Data Recovery

When Aseprite is running, it saves some temporary data to restore your sprite in case that your computer (or Aseprite itself) crashes. This temporary data is saved in a subfolder named sessions inside your Preferences Folder:

Sessions Folder

In sessions might be several subfolders:

Inside Sessions Folder

The name of these folders (e.g. 20180405-165510-1128) has a meaning, which is YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS-PID:

  • YYYY, MM, DD: Date (year, month, day) when the session started (when Aseprite was launched).
  • HH, MM, SS: Time (hour, minute, second) of that day when the session started.
  • PID: Process number/identifier of the Aseprite instance that was handling that session folder.

Each of these folders contain useful data to restore some sprites that you might have lost in the crash. When you start Aseprite again, you may see this button to recover those sprites:

Recover Lost Sprites Button

If you don't see the "Recover Lost Sprites" button when you launch Aseprite, but you have one of these sessions/YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS-PID folder in your Preferences Folder, you can compress one of those folder in a .zip and send it to We can try to recover your data.


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