One sprite can be separated in several layers. You can see them in the timeline:

Layer in timeline

Each layer has several options:

Layer icons

Layer Name: Text to identify this layer. You can change the layer name double-clicking the layer, or from Layer > Properties menu (Shift+P key).

Cels: A set of cels, frames that contain something visible for this specific layer in the specific frame.

Visible: It indicates if the layer is visible Visible layer icon or hidden Hidden layer icon. You can switch the layer visibility using Layer > Visible menu or Shift+X key.

Locked: If the layer is locked Locked layer icon, you cannot draw on it. By default all layers are unlocked/editable Editable layer icon.

Continuous: This option is used to indicate what kind of cels you prefer when they are created for this specific layer. See the Continuous Layers section for more information.

Common Operations

Background Layer

The background layer is an opaque layer (without alpha/transparent component) that cannot be moved. It's created by default when you select an opaque color in the File > New window, or when you open a file (e.g. a .png file) that doesn't contain the alpha component.

A sprite can contain only one background layer and it's always at the bottom of the layers stack in the timeline.

When you select a portion of the background layer and clear it (using Edit > Clear menu), the selection will be cleared with the active background color.

Transparent Layers

All layers with an alpha channel are called transparent layers. You can have several of these kind of layers in the same sprite. You can stack them as you want using the timeline. And you can displace these layers using the Move tool Move tool icon).

When you select a portion of a transparent layer and clear it (using Edit > Clear menu), the selection will be cleared with transparent color.

Background from Layer

If there is no background layer, you can convert the any transparent layer to the background using the Layers > Background from Layer menu. All transparent pixels will be filled with the active background color.

Layer from Background

If you want to convert the background to a transparent layer (e.g. because you want to move it with the Move tool Move tool icon), you can use the Layers > Layer from Background menu.


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