Aseprite's main goal is to be a tool to create animations. The timeline gives you total control over frames and cels.

First of all you should learn the difference between a frame and a cel.

Common Operations

  1. Add a new frame copying the current one
  2. Add a new empty frame
  3. Copy frames or cels
  4. Move frames or cels
  5. Remove frames
  6. Reuse frames
  7. Tag several frames
  8. Change the duration of a specific frame
  9. Copy frames to other file
  10. Loop a section
  11. Reverse frames

Onion skinning

With onion skinning you can see several frames at once in the sprite editor. In this way you can use other frames as reference to draw the current one. You can activate the onion skinning using F3 key or the little onion skinning icon in the timeline:

Enable onion skinning

You can specify how many previous and next frames do you want to see and configure other settings from the Configure Timeline icon (like red/blue tint):

Change onion skinning settings


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