Aseprite API

This is the scripting API for Aseprite. Since Aseprite v1.2.10 you will be able to create scripts with Lua.

You can find some examples for this API or some tests.

Where to start

Generally you will want to write a script to solve a problem or to do a little experiment, so you have six options to approach your idea:

  1. Transform the active sprite: In this case app.activeSprite will give you access to the current sprite (it's nil if there is no active sprite, e.g. we are in the Home tab).
  2. Generate a new sprite : Here the Sprite() function creates a new sprite and sets it as the active one. From there you can modify the Sprite object as you want.
  3. Open one or several existent files: You can use to load a sprite from the disk and then modify it.
  4. Save the modified sprite: After you have done some modifications to a sprite, you might want to save the result directly to the disk, Sprite:saveCopyAs() function is a good option to export the modified sprite.
  5. Show a dialog to the user: The Dialog object gives you the possibility to show controls to the user to enter values.
  6. Add new options to any menu: In this case you'll need to create a plugin with a script.

API Changes

API changes between versions.


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