This is an auxiliary object that points to a given frame in the sprite and can be used to adjust information about that frame. If you modify the number of frames in the sprite, or the structure of the frames, a Frame object will still pointing to the same frame number.


local sprite = frame.sprite

Returns the sprite of this frame.


local frameNumber = frame.frameNumber

Returns the frame number. 1 is the first frame in the animation and this frame is equal to frame == frame.sprite.frames[frameNumber].


local duration = frame.duration
frame.duration = duration

Gets or sets the duration of this frame in the animation in seconds. E.g. 0.3333 means that this frame will be 1/3 of a second in the screen when the animation is being played.


Returns Frame object in the previous frame number or nil if this is the first frame.

Returns Frame object in the next frame number or nil if this is the last frame.