This is a general view of what you can expect in next releases. This roadmap is not complete and can be modified in the future, but you should expect all these features in the whole v1.x series anyway.

Aseprite v1.0

Aseprite v1.1

  • Home tab (issue 380)
  • Simplify multi-sprite editors handling: You should be able to drag & drop editors' tabs to split them horizontally or vertically (issue 118)
  • Auto crash recovery function (issue 151)
  • Create tags in Timeline (issue 153, issue 416, issue 500, issue 557)
  • Palette operations: Drag-and-drop colors, sort colors, reorder colors, remap colors automatically, cut/copy/paste operations.
  • Custom brushes from selection (issue 154)
  • Layers blending modes (issue 318)
  • Proper RGBA support (issue 286)
  • Shade drawing mode (issue 85)
  • Texture atlases generation using command line (issue 17)
  • Continue improving the color bar: issues
  • Milestone issues

Aseprite v1.2

Aseprite v1.3

Aseprite v1.4

Aseprite v1.5

Aseprite v1.6

Aseprite v1.7~v1.9

  • Not planned, available for future features.