Release Notes

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Aseprite v1.3

Available on the Steam beta branch

Aseprite v1.3-beta7 October 26, 2021

  • Fixed using Alt+mouse wheel to scroll through tiles #2956
  • Fixed bug using Canvas Size with "Trim content outside the canvas" with Tilemap layers #2942
  • Fixed performance issue in some cases drawing in Tilemap in Auto mode #2877
  • Fixed saving blend mode for Tilemap layers in .aseprite files #2924
  • Fixed crash clicking combobox scrollbars #2984
  • +All changes in v1.2.30

Aseprite v1.3-beta6 August 24, 2021

  • Fixed tooltips being clipped by popup edges #2764
  • Fixed moving Preview window with stylus/pen #2882 #2783
  • Fixed last row of pixels in sprite editor which isn't updated after changing frames #2803
  • Save/restore file selector position #2756
  • Fixed crash switching from a tilemap to a regular layer in tile mode & the preview window opened #2854
  • Revert zoom tool behavior when dragging mouse in diagonal #2767 Steam post
  • +All changes in v1.2.29

Aseprite v1.3-beta5 July 12, 2021

  • Regression saving certain GIF files when disposing frames #2806
  • Fixed pixel perfect in Manual mode on Tilemap layers #2741
  • Fixed big spot painted with full pression on first click after opening dynamics popup #2768
  • +All changes in v1.2.28

Aseprite v1.3-beta4 June 11, 2021

  • New mouse/pen stabilizer #2371
  • Improved the ellipse algorithm #2217
  • Windows: Fixed leak of GDI objects for each closed window
  • Fixed crash using Cel Properties dialog in some cases
  • Fixed mouse cursor when the selection is visible

Aseprite v1.3-beta3 June 7, 2021

  • Use octree-based color quantization on GIF encoder
  • Fixed issues on Windows where the windows border where cropped t/9441
  • Lua: Fixed usage of Dialog.bounds with the new multiple windows UI t/9277 bug on Steam

Aseprite v1.3-beta2 June 4, 2021

  • Use octree-based color quantization on all cases by default: now it support alpha channel too
  • Fixed pixel perfect mode in some cases in regular layers #2748
  • Fixed crash clicking combo-boxes at the bottom t/9254
  • Fixed theme issue with timeline configuration (bug report)
  • Fixed updating editor scroll after enabling the Tiled Mode
  • Fixed Adjust Hue, File > Export, etc windows that don't appear in certain cases t/9327
  • Fixed white/black flash on Windows/macOS when showing a new native window
  • Fixed several bugs with some stylus (e.g. XP-Pen) on Windows where we weren't able to move tabs, click buttons, etc.
  • Fixed bug on Windows with Snipping Tool (was sending the window back)
  • General performance improvement on all platforms (better response time & less battery usage)

Aseprite v1.3-beta1 May 26, 2021