Release Notes

Aseprite v1.2

Aseprite v1.2.6 Dec 14 2017

  • Adjust scroll correctly when tiled mode is changed (t/785)
  • Fixed random crashes using Sprite > Color Mode menu options (mainly with a theme with a TrueType font)
  • Fixed possible crashes using the undo limit option.
  • macOS: Fixed Shift+2 on English keyboard layout (previous fix works only for Spanish-like layouts)
  • Linux: Fixed crash on CLI mode

Aseprite v1.2.5 Dec 7 2017

  • Keyboard shortcuts changes:
    • Shift+G: Selects the Gradient tool (so now G key selects the Paint Bucket tool only)
    • Ctrl+': Switches the Grid visibility (in previous version it was Shift+G)
    • Ctrl+Shift+': Switches the Pixel Grid visibility (in previous version it was Alt+Shift+G)
  • Fixed possibility to assign same key to several tools (#1460)
  • Fixed Shift+2 keyboard shortcut on macOS (#1604)
  • Fixed some glitches with the Editor crosshair when the brush size popup is open
  • Fixed application icon on Linux/X11
  • New Switch Nonactive Layers Opacity command available to turn on/off this experimental feature (#1515)
  • +All changes in v1.2.5-beta1 and v1.2.5-beta2

Aseprite v1.2.5-beta2 Dec 1 2017

  • Fixed regression dragging colors in Color Bar (#1616)
  • F6 key to switch timeline thumbnails works as expected (#1518)
  • Fixed drawing straight lines with Pencil tool and Shift+right button (t/726)
  • Fixed several issues applying Flip/Rotate commands on range of cels with locked layers (t/750)
  • Fixed #1557, #1610

Aseprite v1.2.5-beta1 Nov 10 2017

  • Zoom timeline with Ctrl+mouse wheel (or ⌘+mouse wheel)
  • Several fixes for Tiled Mode:
    • Fixed regression bug on v1.2.4 (#1600)
    • Count extra tiles as the canvas size (so we can zoom in on it) (#1448)
    • Brush preview now works as expected (#348)
    • Fixed Gradient tool in tiled mode
  • Fixed exporting new layer blend modes to JSON files (#1605)

Aseprite v1.2.4 Nov 3 2017

  • General performance improvements (will be mainly noticeable on macOS, but affects all platforms)
  • Now themes can specify a non-installed TTF font
  • Undo limit options now really works (#1127)
  • Windows 8/10: Added support for Surface Pro pen/eraser + touch gestures (#1595)
  • macOS: Fixed Shift+mouse wheel to scroll horizontally on Timeline (bug report)
  • Fixed several possibilities of random crashes (mainly when the Edit > Undo History window was visible)
  • Minor improvements in the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts dialog

Aseprite v1.2.3 Oct 6 2017

  • New Edit > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast menu option
  • New Layer > Lock Layers menu option
  • Restored default behavior on "Add to selection" (#1584)
  • Fixed Switch Colors and Eyedropper behavior when the Edit palette mode is enabled
  • Fixed crash using negative numbers in Despeckle filter
  • Fixed problem inserting a digit/character in a text field with one digit/character
  • Fixed "Paint Brush" mode for custom brushes (#1587)
  • macOS: Fixed Left/Right keys to move the selection
  • macOS: Fixed native file selector (don't show it again if we swich to another window with ⌘Tab)

Aseprite v1.2.2 Sep 28 2017

  • Trigger "New Sprite" double clicking tabs area (#912)
  • If a theme has a preferred Screen/UI Scaling values, ask to the user before changing them automatically
  • Fixed Ctrl+drag and drop to copy the selection content on Windows (bug reports)
  • Fixed a crash using a theme with undefined <style> elements (related to this issue)

Aseprite v1.2.1 Sep 27 2017

  • Don't save transparent information on full-opaque .png files (#1572)
  • Fixed crash using a frame tag at the end of the sprite with a long name
  • Now you can Add/Subtract selection inside the selection (bug report)
  • macOS: Don't call global commands with F or T keys in Layer Properties dialog (bug report)
  • macOS: Fixed crash undoing/redoing when drawing (bug report)
  • Windows x64: Fixed GIF files encoding

Aseprite v1.2 Sep 25 2017

  • Added new Addition, Subtract, Divide blending modes
  • Added support to change theme and UI scaling without restarting (#471)
  • Disable transformation handles in the selection when a Shift or Shift+Alt are pressed by default (reported here)
  • Fixed high CPU usage on Timeline when we copy layers/frames/cels (bug report)
  • Fixed snap to grid bug with selection tool
  • Fixed crash closing all files & opening a new one when preview window was playing an animation
  • Windows: New x64 version (included in the installer and on Steam, it'll install the x64 version on x64 machines)
  • Windows: New --disable-wintab option to avoid loading wintab32.dll
  • Removed Windows XP support (Please contact us in case that you still need a previous version with Windows XP support.)
  • macOS: Use the native macOS menu bar (#135)
  • macOS: Now ⌘M and ⌘H will Minimize and Hide the window respectively. Use Ctrl+M for Color Curves, and Ctrl+H to change View > Show Extras options.
  • macOS: Fixed bug setting broken mouse cursors in some special cases
  • macOS: Retina support (#903)
  • Fixed other bugs (including #1569, and #1423 thanks to @cebolan)

Aseprite v1.2-beta12 July 5 2017

  • Added F4 key again to switch the color popup (#1527) and other commands
  • Added possibility to associate keyboard shortcuts to Clear/Link/Unlink cels (t/133)
  • Fixed warning icon behavior on edit mode (#1525)
  • Windows: Fixed some issues with Wacom tablets

Aseprite v1.2-beta11 June 29 2017

Aseprite v1.2-beta10 June 23 2017

Aseprite v1.2-beta9 April 17 2017

  • Fixed several display issues using UI Scaling = 200% (issue 1456)
  • Fixed crash showing a layer name with " : " string on the status bar (bug report)

Aseprite v1.2-beta8 April 14 2017

Aseprite v1.2-beta7 Jan 6 2017

Aseprite v1.2-beta6 Dec 29 2016

Aseprite v1.2-beta5 Dec 9 2016

  • Includes same fixes that in v1.1.11

Aseprite v1.2-beta4 Dec 8 2016

Aseprite v1.2-beta3 Sep 23 2016

  • Added --ignore-layer <name> CLI option (issue 1264)
  • Added default keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+N to create layer groups
  • +All changes in v1.1.9

Aseprite v1.2-beta2 Sep 20 2016

Aseprite v1.2-beta1 Jul 28 2016

  • Added new pixel aspect ratio option so we can draw sprites with double-wide pixels (issue 567)
  • CLI improvements:
    • --frame-tag and --frame-range now can be used with --save-as (issue 897)
    • --save-as now interprets {layer} in the given filename to automatic iterate through layers (issue 1149), so we can use --save-as output-{layer}.gif to save each layer in a different file.
    • New --split-tags to save each tag as .gif file, anyway you can use --save-as output-{tag}.gif as a shortcut.
  • +All changes in v1.1.7

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