You can save your sprite using File > Save menu.

Aseprite uses .aseprite (or .ase) file types to save full sprite information (layers, frames, tags, palettes, etc.). But you can save your sprite as other file types if you don't need all this information. For example, you can open a .png file, editing it, and save it again as .png (without using the .aseprite format).

Save as a copy

If you want to export your sprite as a .png file or a .gif animation, you can use the File > Save Copy As option.

Tip: This dialog contains a special Resize field so you can save your copy with other scale. E.g. It's useful to upload your animation to Twitter, that needs higher scales (e.g. 400% of your original sprite size).

Saving image sequences

You can save the whole animation as a sequence using File > Save As or File > Save Copy As and specifying a file name with a number and a file type for static images. E.g. frame1.png where 1 specifies the number of the first frame, and .png the static file type used to save each frame. See how to load a sequence of images.

Save just one frame

Since Aseprite v1.2-beta2 you can save one frame (or the set of selected frames/layers):


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