This section talks about how Aseprite manages color.

First of all you need to understand that a specific sprite (newly created or an existent sprite) has three properties that modify how the sprite is edited and viewed:

Along with this, there are two active colors that can be used to paint or erase parts of the sprite:

Color Mode

Several adjustments and commands works differenly depending on the active color mode. RGB and Indexed are the most common modes uses on Internet images.

You should learn more about them in the Color Mode section.

Color Profile

The color profile indicates in which color space are meant to live RGB values of the image. It is used to match RGB values in one device (e.g. your monitor, where you create your image) with other device (e.g. the user that will watch your image in her/his monitor). Images on Internet generally use the sRGB color space.

Learn more about this in the Color Profile section.


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