You can select parts of the sprite using one of the selection tools (e.g. the Marquee Tool Marquee Tool Icon) to move it or transform it (scale, rotate, etc.). When you select a portion of the sprite, you will see a marching ants effect:

Marching ants

When you make a selection, you are selecting the active cel, so all transformation will be made to that specific cel only.

Select All

You can select the sprite using Select > All (Ctrl+A or ⌘A).

Select cel content

You can select the whole active cel content (non-transparent pixels) using Edit > Transform (Ctrl+T or ⌘T).

Deselect and reselect

You can hide the current selection using Select > Deselect (Ctrl+D or ⌘D). Then you can make it appear again using Select > Reselect (Ctrl+Shift+D or ⇧⌘D).


You can invert the selection using Select > Invert (Ctrl+Shift+I or ⇧⌘I).


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