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With the Slice tool Slice tool icon (Shift+C key) you can indicate regions of your sprite and assign a name/label to that region with some extra user defined information. There is support to specify 9-slices/9-patches information.

With this tool you can:

  1. Create a new slice marking a rectangular region pressing the mouse button, dragging the mouse, and releasing the button.
  2. If the marked rectangle touches existing slices, those slices will be selected.
  3. You can drag-and-drop a set of selected slices to move them to other place. Or you can resize the whole set of slices dragging from the corners or edges.
  4. After selecting some slices you can delete them pressing the Delete key or Edit > Delete menu option.
  5. Double-clicking a slice you will see the Slice Properties dialog.

Slice Properties

If you double-click a slice, you will see its properties:

Slice Properties Dialog

Here you can specify:

  1. the bounds of the slice in the canvas
  2. a 9-slices property to specify an internal rectangle to sub-divide the bounds into sub-slices
  3. a pivot to specify the central/base location of the sprite inside the slice

Exporting Slices

You can export each slice as a different sprite using the --split-slice option.

You can also export the slice information in a sprite sheet JSON using the --data option or the File > Export Sprite Sheet menu option with the JSON output checked. This is an example of the exported data:

{ ...
 "meta": {
  "slices": [
   { "name": "Button-patch",
     "color": "#0000ffff",
     "keys": [{ "frame": 0,
                "bounds": {"x": 118, "y": 118, "w": 20, "h": 21 },
                "center": {"x": 5, "y": 5, "w": 10, "h": 9 } }] }