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Preferences Folder

Aseprite configuration is stored in several files in the personal user configuration directory:

Files in Preferences Folder

You can access this folder from Edit > Preferences > Locate Configuration File option.

Anyway, you can manually locate that folder in different ways depending on your platform:

On Windows

You can locate the preferences folder pressing the Windows key + R key (or Start menu > Run... option). This will show the dialog to run a program. Then you write:


And press Enter key.

On macOS

You can open the Spotlight Search (⌘Space) and then paste the following text ~/Library/Application Support/Aseprite with ⌘V and press Enter:

Spotlight Search

On Linux

Open a Terminal, paste the following command and press Enter

xdg-open ~/.config/aseprite

Special Configuration

Since Aseprite v1.2.16.3, and for testing purposes, you can reconfigure the location of the preferences folder using the ASEPRITE_USER_FOLDER environment variable pointing to other folder.


Preferences | Reset Preferences