WinTab32.dll is a library/DLL/API used to communicate with your stylus/tablet (Wacom, etc.). Sometimes, when we load this DLL the program just hangs or doesn't work properly. We don't know why this happen, but there are few users experimenting this (maybe a buggy WinTab32.dll, or maybe a buggy Aseprite).

Sometimes the problem is solved reinstalling the driver, sometimes the problem persists. As a first attempt, if you can execute Aseprite correctly, you can disable the driver going to Edit > Preferences > Experimental:

Don't load the WinTab driver

If you cannot even start the program, you can execute Aseprite with the --disable-wintab parameter (available since Aseprite v1.2):

"C:\Program Files\Aseprite\Aseprite.exe" --disable-wintab

This will bypass the WinTab32.dll loading process. Your stylus might not work correctly, but at least Aseprite can be executed and used with your mouse/trackpad.