Wintab (WinTab32.dll) is an ancient API created by Wacom to communicate tablet-like devices with Windows programs. Before Windows 8, this was the "de facto" standard used to access pressure information from tablets created by Wacom and other brands. Since Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new official API: the Pointer API/Windows Ink.

Sometimes, when we load this DLL the program just hangs or doesn't work properly. You might solve this reinstalling drivers or restarting Windows. If the problem persists one first attempt would be to use the Pointer API from Tablet options, or disabling Wintab usage from Edit > Preferences > Tablet (or Edit > Preferences > Experimental in old versions):

Don't load the WinTab driver

Aseprite doesn't start

If you cannot even start the program, you can execute Aseprite with the -disable-wintab parameter (available since Aseprite v1.2):

"C:\Program Files\Aseprite\Aseprite.exe" -disable-wintab

This will avoid loading WinTab32.dll file. Your tablet might not work correctly, but at least Aseprite can be executed and used with your mouse/trackpad (or again, you can try the Windows Pointer API).


On Steam you can add the -disable-wintab option in the Aseprite launch options:

  1. Right-click Aseprite in your Steam library and open its "Properties":

    Open Aseprite Properties

  2. Click the "Set Launch Options" button:

    Open launch options

  3. Add the -disable-wintab option and press "OK":

    Add disable wintab option


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