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Sprite Properties

You can change some sprite properties from Sprite > Properties menu (Ctrl+P or ⌘P):

Sprite Properties dialog

You can:

Color Profile

In the Sprite Properties dialog you have two buttons: one to Assign other color profile, and other to Convert to other color profile:

  • If you Assign a new color profile to the sprite, pixel values will not be modified, just the new color profile is assigned to the sprite. You will notice that colors will change in the picture because now RGB values are the same, but the color space has changed. E.g. so now, the "pure red" value (255, 0, 0), might be different that the previous "pure red").
  • If you Convert the color profile, pixel values will be converted from one color space to the other color space, so colors should not be visually different, but each RGB value will be adjusted to the new color space (so almost all pixel values will be modified).


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